Meet BO, the next step in human evolution. Oma hypothesizes a world where social media is pervasive and our digital selves are omnipresent and speculates on the outcome of this culture.  A personalized afterlife product, BO allows you to live on, even after death. 

Bo is a speculative design project that explores a future reality where our digital selves live on after our mortal death. This project emerged as a critique on how we lead our lives on social media, creating alternate personalities, building connections, and sharing personal triumphs & tribulations. In the process, we build an online community, much like in our offline world, around our interests & passions. But what happens to this persona & community once the person dies? Does it live on? Does it interact with others in the shared community? Does it evolve? 

Designed as a critical design piece that questions our ever growing digital engagement, the project deals with notions of death, afterlife, and omnipotency in the digital age.