Leaping Caravan Brand

The 'Leaping Caravan' service brings the story of the historical Grand Trunk Road to your plate through an eclectic menu curated from 6 different cities located along this famous trade route. The name 'Leaping Caravan', was developed as an ode to the traveling caravans that enabled the mixing of cultures through the centuries. The design is inspired from the unique, vibrant truck art motifs common in India while giving it a modern twist. The colors, typography, and motifs I developed, work together to create a unique and memorable brand. 

My work entailed creating an identity and developing branding for a unique take out & delivery service located in the cosmopolitan NCR of India. Communication material design for Leaping Caravan included the flyer that uses a unique double fold to tell the story of Leaping Caravan and also present the food menu in an interesting, easy-to-use manner.


October 2013


Leaping Caravan