Spark Neuro Web

The challenge 
SPARK Neuro is a neuroanalytics company that measures attention & emotion to optimize advertising & entertainment content. SPARK has helped industry leaders like Netflix, Hulu, Paramount Pictures as well as Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, Walmart & Barclays improve their content & refine their advertising strategy. There was a critical need to communicate SPARK Neuro's capabilities and impact to both investors and potential clients. The Spark website failed in some key areas with respect to the needs of the company. 

The solution

As the lead designer on this project, I started with evaluating the existing Spark website to understand the user pain points and concerns. I also conducted extensive research internally to understand the needs of the organization. A few key focus areas emerged from my research & evaluation:

• People did not understand 'Neuroanalytics' or what SPARK Neuro does. There was a critical need to be as transparent as possible to help visitors to the site walk away with a clear understanding of this domain & their work. 

• There was a need to establish a clear brand voice for SPARK Neuro that would reflect across all communication & content that would be put out on the web. A clear, consistent and unique brand experience will help visitors to the site understand SPARK Neuro's work & approach and establish credibility for the organization in the advertising research industry. 

• SPARK Neuro is a pioneer of Neuroanalytics in the field of Ad Research. The company has developed proprietary algorithms that allow them to evaluate viewer attention & emotion with a high degree of accuracy. This has enabled them to share critical insights into consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. As the leader in this growing domain, SPARK Neuro aims to be an educator, sharing valuable research and case studies on neuroanalytics methodologies and hypothesis. As a result, SPARK Neuro needed a dynamic platform that will serve as the focal point of various types of content from case studies and test videos, to self produced webinars on Neuroanalytics. 

The impact 
The website design and development process was under tremendous pressure to deliver results as fast as possible. The website was recently launched and has had positive impact on brand recognition for SPARK Neuro. The website has also enabled the marketing team to produce original content including Webinars & Lunch n Learns to drive visitors and potential clients to learn more about neuroanalytics & SPARK Neuro's work.