Tamil Type Design

Development of a new typeface in the Tamil script, a language based in southern India. Inspired from the first verses of the ancient Tamil scripture 'Thirukural', the project is an attempt in designing a highly aesthetic letterform for one of the oldest languages in use today. 

The work involved research about the history and evolution of the Tamil script, identifying the rule of thumb in type design and designing a new typeface for use in print media based on the findings. The project culminated in the development of a set of 40 characters, from a total of 247, including roman numerals and basic glyphs.

The phrase 'Agara muthala ezhuthellam, Aadi bhagawan muthatre ulagu'  from Thirukural, means Like the first of the letters, the divine is the first in this world.


November 2011




Typographer, Researcher