To Do

A Design sprint exploring the UX of Productivity tools. The Design Sprint is a framework developed by Google . It is a five-day process to answer critical questions in business through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. The sprint helps stakeholders define the problem, identify users, understand business & user goals, prototype minimal viable experiences and test them against assumptions. 

As a regular user of productivity & task management tools aimed at increasing, I felt that there were a lot of solutions in the market with no clear winner in terms of UX. Digging into this deeper, over the course of a week, I conducted a design sprint to quickly prototype ideas. Some of my tasks included:

• Defining the problem area

• Identifying & interviewing a broad range of target users

• Developing user personas based on user interviews

• Conducting competitive analysis on task management & productivity

• Prototyping & iterating on ideas based on various functionalities

• Evaluating viability & scope of emerging technologies like AI & Voice-based Interfaces

• Designing the UX patterns of an AI powered Productivity assistant that can help users with task management, communication, scheduling and way-finding.