Untitled Monument

Unnamed Monument is a series of immersive built environments showcasing historical monuments around the world destroyed in conflict.

The Unnamed Monument revisits a series of historical monuments and spaces that are a testament to human endeavor. These monuments represent the countless ‘Unnamed Monuments’ around the world that have been lost to modern conflict. The impetus for this work arose from thoughts on the significance and role of shared history in the modern century. 

Today, many parts of the middle east are embroiled in civil war. Nations like Syria and Afghanistan are grappling with debilitating military conflicts. As sites of thousands of years of human civilization, these nations are home to many critically important world heritage monuments. Unfortunately, the intense hostilities in the region has led to the destruction of many such sites. 

In the face of such destruction, how can we preserve our collective history? How can tangible pieces of our evolution be carried through their demise? My work seeks to answer this question through an immersive experience surrounding some of this lost heritage.

This is a documentation of my thesis work for my MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons. Learn more about my process on my blog here.


May 2016