Walk App Design

The challenge 
Reimagine the use of the step counting data on iOS. 

iOS devices carry the powerful M7 chip that tracks the user's step data. This data is nuanced and is very useful in creating lifestyle apps including walking and health apps. I partnered with a fellow student to create a visualization based app that provided a meaningful interpretation of the user's step data. 

The solution
I worked with a fellow designer to identify the goals and motivations of a typical user in order to understand their need. There are a number of apps that track and record the number of steps taken as well as the distance walked in a given time period. However, in order to make use of this data, the user needs to be able to contextualize his/her progress. Hence, there was need to depict the distance data in a visual, easy to interpret way. 

As part of the wireframing & prototyping process, I worked on creating the user flow of the login & profile set up of the app. I also worked on developing a prototype of the data visualization of user data. 

How it works 
Through location tracking, the app tracks the user's movement in the last 8 hours. This data is then interpreted as the distance walked per hour which is represented visually through a coxcomb chart. The project presented various challenges, particularly in visualizing the data in a meaningful way that is easy to understand. The UI was also an important aspect of this project.


February 2015